World Scenario

In today’s information technology era, Safety, Security and Anti–Terrorism operations are the top concerns all over the world.  At this stage, we are here to adequately train in Safety & Security Systems.

Key Issues

  • Increase in threats to life & property due to recurring violence and terrorist acts.
  • Manned Security is very expensive & ineffective.
  • As per Law, Installation of Safety & Security Systems for Public & High Rise Infrastructure is mandatory.
  • More man power required for security Industry.
  • Acute shortage of adequately trained Safety & Security Systems Professionals.

Future & Career Opportunities

  • All Government & Non Government Institutions & Organizations are appointing Safety & Security Technicians, Security Officers, Safety Supervisors, Installation Engineers, Service Engineers, Customer Support Engineers, Project Managers, etc.,
  • All Multinational Companies & Public / Private Enterprises are on a recruitment drive to take Safety & Security System Professionals.
  • It is mandatory for all Public & High rise Buildings & Infrastructures to have CCTV Surveillance Systems, Fire Safety System, Access Control Systems, Public Address System and Building Management Systems (BMS) as per law.
  • Entrepreneurs can take up this as business ventures in this fast & widely growing industry, as Safety & Security Consultants and Market Safety & Security Products.
  • Excellent Job opportunities abroad in this field.


World is constantly beefing up Security

  • All over the world Safety, Security and monitoring Anti – Terrorism operations are of extremely high priority.
  • Safety & Security Industry is Booming and full of Opportunities.
  • Equip yourself with latest and best knowledge to be part of the greenfield business segment.
  • Join in the ” ALTRON INSTITUTE “ and get Assured Placement.