Demand & Benefits of Course

Demand of CCTV Install, Repair and Maintenance

With over 10 Crore (100 Million) CCTV cameras installed in Tamil Nadu alone, the special skills for CCTV systems repair and maintenance technicians are in greater demand.  This CCTV training course is also invaluable to tech savvy end users who wish to ensure that their own CCTV systems are operating with utmost accuracy.


After successful completion of this course initially we will give you placement as an Installation Engineer for one of reputed companies.  From  here you can improve yourself by acquiring expertise and enrich your skill sets to go up in the career ladder.  All depends upon your hard work, passion to perform and diehard dedication.
  • Installation Engineers
  • Service Engineers
  • Customer Support Engineers 
  • Project Engineers
  • Project Managers 
  • Sales Managers
  • Starting own entrepreneurial business ventures